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Driving Can Be Risky!
We all like to think that we are great drivers. However, it is a fact that driving is, for most of us, the most dangerous thing that we do! In fact, the more miles you cover each year the more at risk you are of being injured in an accident. High mileage drivers for instance, have around the same risk of being killed as a quarry worker (who are second only to deep sea fishermen in the dangerous jobs league!) This Defensive Driving course (Also known as Advanced Driving) will improve your driving skills and awareness and reduce your chances of being in a road accident.

What Happens on the Day?

1/ Vehicle Safety Checks
After meeting at an arranged point your instructor will first show you some basic vehicle checks to ensure that your car is roadworthy and also ask to see your Insurance, MOTC (If Applicable) and your drivers license.

2/ Initial Driver Assessment
Your instructor will then asses your driving for a few minutes making a few notes to help him/her determine your strong and weak points. This will help your instructor structure the course to suit you. The course can also focus on areas and driving situations that you may have problems with.

3/ Defensive Driver Training
This part of the training is not at all like the driving lessons you took to pass your driving test! Our instructors are all fully trained professionals and will conduct the sessions in a relaxed and informative coaching style. You will learn defensive driving skills based on the Police Roadcraft manual helping you to identify and deal with potential hazards.

4/ Fuel Saving Techniques
You will also be encouraged to plan further ahead to avoid unnecessary gear changing, braking and hard acceleration. In addition to making your journey safer this technique will also save you money on your fuel bills.

5/ End of Course Assessment
At the end of the course your instructor will hand you an assessment certificate detailing your improvements and will go over any problem areas that you may need to be aware of.

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